‘Tartu City Manors’ Guided cycling tour


Did you know that historically, there were nine manor houses in Tartu? The city of Tartu has expanded in all directions to the areas of former manors, and several districts have been named after these manors. Seven of them still exist and are waiting for you to visit.

As part of the guided tour 'Tartu City Manors', we will visit five manors: Tähtvere, Maarjamõisa, Tamme, Ropka, and Karlova. We can take the tour by bike, car, or bus and you can order it in Estonian, English, German, French, Russian, Lithuanian, or Spanish.

Contact us and let's explore the historic manors!

Sites along route
  • 1

    Starting point

    Town Hall Square in Tartu

    Historical buildings

    Raekoja plats, Tartu

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  • 2
    Tähtvere Manor

    Castles & Manors

    Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwaldi tänav 1, Tartu 51014

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  • 3
    Tamme Manor


    Nikolai Lunini tänav 12, Tartu linn, Tartu 50412

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  • 4
    Maarjamõisa Manor


    Suur kaar 54, Tartu linn, Tartu 50404

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  • 5
    Ropka Manor

    Castles & Manors

    Ropkamõisa tänav 7, Tartu linn, Tartu 50113

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  • 6
    Karlova Manor

    Castles & Manors

    Eha tn 36, Tartu 50103

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Times and prices
Open all year round

Is open advance bookings only

  • Group price:


    100 €
  • Exact price to be clarified by service provider.

Features and amenities
Getting there

We will meet at the Town Hall Square near the fountain.

  • Signposted
  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus
  • By public transport
  • By car
Stops nearby
Bus: Raeplats
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