The King’s Pine in Järvselja Primeval Forest

Järvselja küla, Kastre vald, Tartu maakond


The King's Pine (Kuningamänd, species: Pinus sylvestris) towering over the Järvselja Primeval Forest and study trail is unique not only for its height (33 m), but a very massive trunk. Due to its special location it can be considered a symbolic tree  - the king of natural education of Estonia. The massive trunk of the King's Pine stands as a monument to the Estonian forestry and natural education, because it is well known among hundreds of Estonian biologists, foresters and students, whose education has been enriched by practical trainings in the nature of Järvselja.

The majestic King's Pine began growing at the time when Gustav II Adolf, King of Sweden, founded the University of Tartu - ca 380 years ago.

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The King’s Pine is located in the southern part of the Järvselja Nature Reserve. The coordinates and road signs will lead you to the right place.

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