10 things to do on a rainy day

Photo: Anete Palmik

10 things to do on a rainy day

Being at a northern latitude means that Estonia experiences some wonderful phenomena: aurora borealis, white winters and ice roads. This also means that from October to March, the weather can be unpredictable. As the saying goes – there’s no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing! So don’t be afraid to brave the elements to experience the outdoors. But for those days when you’d rather do something cosy indoors, here are ten activity ideas from around Estonia.

Saunaküla (Sauna Village) - a unique sauna kingdom

Harju maakond, Püha küla

Saunaküla is an extremely cosy and pleasant holiday village that welcomes visitors at any time of the year and is famous for its sauna pleasures. The village has four guest houses (each house has its own unique theme and mood), which are located far away from each other, so as not to interfere with the privacy of visitors. Each house has cosy bedrooms. There are stone barbeque pits on the patio and large wooden vats placed in front of the sauna, in which water from an artesian well is constantly circulating through a filter. The area also includes sporting fields, children's playgrounds and hiking trails.    

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Saku Brewhouse and Museum of Beer

Harju maakond, Saku alevik

Since 1820, when the then owner of Saku manor, count Karl Friedrich von Rehbinder, established a brewery on his estate, Saku's brewers have been brewing excellent Estonian beer using local groundwater and the best hops, malt and yeast available. Saku Brewhouse got its name from a historical brewery that was built on the banks of the River Vääna, where beer was made from 1909–1992. Beer Museum of the Brewhouse introduces the centuries old beer traditions of Estonia and Saku Brewhouse, as well as the history of production and technology. During a 1.5 h tour, you can see the process of brewing and taste great Estonian beer straight from the factory. Good to know: minors are not allowed to participate in the tour.

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AHHAA Science Centre, Tartu

Tartu maakond, Tartu linn

Want to surprise yourself? The AHHAA Science Centre offers science, excitement, adventure and useful skills, as well as a fun time for everyone. Our centre is an attractive learning environment in which you are bound to learn something new. The majority of our exhibits are 'hands-on', so you can try everything yourself, whether it be the planetarium, the school laboratory pilot programme, creating educational materials or the science theatre. You can even host your own birthday party here, and visit our 4D cinema at the Lõunakeskus shopping centre, which is open every day. See you at AHHAA! Please note: Admission is until 1 hour before scheduled closing time.

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Tagurpidi Maja

Tartu maakond, Tartu

Tagurpidi Maja (upside-down house) is a dizzying adventure for both the young and the old. We literally turned the house upside down. The upper floor is the lower floor and the lower floor is the upper floor. Sofas, cupboards, and everything else, which are located on the floor in ordinary residential houses, are located on the ceiling in Tagurpidi Maja. Even the cat! Well, they are actually on the floor, but as the floor is the ceiling and the ceiling is the floor, it is just that you are upside down. If this left you confused, come and see Tagurpidi Maja on your own, and you will find that everything that you just read is actually true.

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EscapeTartu escape game

Tartu maakond, Tartu linn

EscapeTartu wants to offer the inhabitants and visitors of Southern Estonia an opportunity to escape daily routine with a new form of entertainment. Our escape game is one of the largest and longest escape games in Estonia. Escape rooms are becoming more popular all over the world. The purpose of the game is to find an exit from a locked room by solving various exciting puzzles. The game is meant for groups of 2–4 people. We also offer possibilities for children's birthday parties and teambuilding events for companies. For more information, please visit our website.

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Estonian Mining Museum

Ida-Viru maakond, Kohtla-Nõmme alev

Would you like to get a taste of what the life of a real coal miner was like? All you need to do is put on your wellies, grab a warm jacket and take a lamp; because, where else but underground would you hear, see and feel the same things as the men who toiled away underground every day? The mining museum Enrichment Factory is also now open. An educational experience, it demonstrates the journey of oil shale, shows how energy is created and showcases information on the subject of future trends in the energy sector. Please note! Ticket sales for the underground museum end two hours before the museum is closed, and ticket sales for the Enrichment Factory end an hour before closing time.

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Maarja-Magdaleena Guild

Pärnu maakond, Pärnu linn

We offer great Estonian applied art and handicraft items that have been made with passion. Here, you can purchase and order things made by recognised masters of Pärnu and witness yourself how these are created. The guild has become a centre of considerable professional skill. The house offers great conditions for professional creative work regardless of the season and enhances the possibilities of learning a new hobby or spending free time for both the citizens of Pärnu as well as its visitors. Here, you can always find various workshops and longer courses that are taking place. We offer new experiences to adults and children. We use master-yourneyman-apprentice system.  

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Coinage workshop at the smithery of Puraviku windmill

Rapla maakond, Valtu küla

You can order souvenir coins made of iron or copper from our smithery. We can also make silver or gold coins. Additionally, we can take our hammer and anvil along and come and forge coins at a place suitable for you. A forged item is great memorabilia for anniversaries, weddings and summer retreats. This is true blacksmithing! You can also make souvenir coins at the smithery. Here, you can delve deep into the secrets of blacksmithing. Call in advance and arrange a time for a visit!

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Atla manor ceramics workshops

Rapla maakond, Atla küla

At Atla manor you can try your hand at all sorts of things: in its ceramics workshop you can pour clay and decorate and glaze items, while at its sawmill you can find out more about woodworking and timber processing. Did you know…? *At the Atla ceramics store you will find modern versions of items from the Middle Ages *Small groups can order meals cooked in the manor’s own clay pots *Seminars and soirees can also be held at the manor *The lands on the estate are home to miniature goats

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Smoke sauna at Toosikannu Holiday Centre

Järvamaa, Jõeküla

Smoke sauna is a good example of our ancient sauna traditions; it gives sauna enthusiasts an opportunity to enjoy the same sauna pleasures as our ancestors. The authentic smoke sauna of  Toosikannu Holiday Centre is located in a private area by a lake. The smoke sauna has room for 15 people. This is a great place to discuss ideas with a small group. We can heat the sauna according to the clients' wishes. It's not possible to heat the smoke sauna on your own later. Toilet is separate from the sauna. Up to eight people can sit on the terrace of the smoke sauna. There is a small landing on the lake near the smoke sauna – you can use it to dive into the cooling lake.