Foodie stories by Anders Husa

Source: Mart Vares / Visit Estonia

Foodie stories by Anders Husa

Estonian food is influenced both by the seasonality (pure and fresh ingredients) and the long traditions in preparing it. Estonian chefs, food establishments and retailers have a similar understanding of the nature and future of Estonian cuisine, manifesting loyalty to healthy ingredients cooked into simple dishes that reflect the mastery of Nordic culinary traditions.

Luckily the Norwegians have noticed that too! Recently a TV channel from Norway called Matkanalen visited Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and visited some great restaurants like Mon Repos, AlexanderNOA, Parrot, Põhjala brewery, Renard Coffee Shop, Nami Namaste etc.

Have a look at what they discovered!

"Estonian cooking links to Nordic cooking. The biggest similarity is foraging and using the really wild products. Did you know that Estonia has the most edible plats per square kilometer in the Northern Europe!?"

Orm Oja, head chef of restaurant NOA

Besides that Anders Husa visited Peeter Pihel, who bakes traditional Estonian black bread at Kotzebue Bakery & Charcuterie, and the country's top craft beer producer Põhjala Brewery.

And then there was an escape to the island paradise of Muhu in Estonia. Mr Husa paid a visit to the country house of Finnish cookbook author and TV-chef Sikke Sumari, where he ate lunch in her restaurant Nami Namaste. Before checking in to the spectacular 16th-century castle turned luxury resort – Pädaste Manor. Here, Anders Husa had dinner in restaurant Alexander – currently ranked as no. 2 in the country by the White Guide Nordic.

Last updated : 22.04.2021

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