Nature-friendly holiday homes in the wild

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Nature-friendly holiday homes in the wild

From hotels to farms, rest assure that all is done to make your holiday as pleasant and green as possible when staying in Estonian accommodation establishments marked with the well-known Green Key label. Green accommodation establishments in Estonia protect the environment through efficient use of water and energy, recycling, and by offering a range of locally sourced goods and services. Here are some of the most eco-friendly lodging options located in the depths of Estonia's untouched nature.

Maidla Nature Villa

Rapla maakond, Maidla küla

A unique Nature Villa, located just 50 min drive away from Tallinn, awaits guests to have a private accommodation where they will experience stunning views in a cozy yet luxurious atmosphere like nowhere else. Through the historical park of Maidla manor, we guide you to our boutique Nature Villa that's surrounded by untouched nature. This modern glasshouse is specially made to merge into the wetlands and help you admire the surroundings in the best way possible. A night in Nature Villa includes delicious breakfast and a tour at Maidla Manor complex.

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Vihula Manor Holiday Village

Lääne-Viru maakond, Vihula küla

We are located in the picturesque Lahemaa National Park in North Estonia, only an hour's drive from Tallinn. Vihula Manor Holiday Village has sports grounds, a watermill, a mini golf course, a windmill, a concert stage and several eateries. All, children and adults alike, can meet the wonderful animals living in Vihula Manor Eco-Farm. There is a children's playground in the courtyard of the farm with fun wooden animal-shaped swings, and exciting climbing and play structures. Kaval-Ants Forest has other adventurous options for children for playing and relaxing. The buildings are open to the guests of Vihula manor, as well as others.

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Päikese Holiday Home

Saare maakond, Kuusnõmme küla

Situated in the privacy of a forest on the Kuusnõmme peninsula, this cosy log home is the ideal place for a break in the middle of nature! The holiday home is open and full of light and comes with everything you need for a carefree holiday such as bed linens, towels, a dishwasher, a hairdryer, an iron, wood for the fire and more. The diverse natural environment, the stunning coast, the birdlife and seals, the hiking trails, and the fishing all make it a fascinating area, steeped in history. We are 6.5 km from the village of Kihelkonna and 40 km from the island's capital, Kuressaare. The holiday home is a great place to get away from your everyday concerns and really recharge your batteries.

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Haanjamehe Farm

Võru maakond, Vakari küla

Old Estonian-style farm is primarily designed for having a rest, celebrating festive occasions and spending leisure time in an interesting and sporty way. The farm complex consists of nine original farm buildings, which have been freshly and stylishly renovated. If you are looking for a quiet place to rest, far from the noise of the city, or wish to go for a hike in beautiful southern Estonian, then Haanjamehe Farm is perfect for you.

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Hekso treehouse

Pärnu maakond, Kirikuküla

There is a special treehouse in Matsalu National Park. It's a nature observation hut located at the top of a tree. However Hekso is nothing like a traditional treehouse because it has everything you need for a comfortable stay including a modern kitchenette, a toilet, a bathroom, and views of nature. There is also a unique sauna. Spending the night in the modern treehouse is an unforgettable experience. Here you will feel as close to nature as possible while simply being, enjoying, and observing the environment around you.

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Kubija Hotel-Nature Spa

Võru maakond, Võru

A wonderful little hotel in the middle of southern Estonia's pine forests is perfect to escape the noise of the city, take a rest from everyday hustle and bustle, take some time for yourself and enjoy the soothing diversity of nature. Kubija comes with a spa offering various treatments as well as indoor and outdoor saunas.

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ÖÖD Hötels Laheranna

Harju maakond, Ihasalu küla

ÖÖD Hötels Laheranna is an ideal holiday destination away from the capital. The mirror houses are located in the nature on the coast of Ihasalu Bay, surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, along with hiking trails, sandy beaches and sights – such as Jägala waterfall, which can be enjoyed within a cycling distance. You can enjoy beach views and wonderful sunsets.The ÖÖD house has everything you need for a holiday – a large and comfortable bed, a kitchenette with everything you need, a spacious terrace with a barbecue, a toilet and a shower room, a cosy interior and a wonderful panoramic view of nature. This is a place to spend a memorable night alone or in the company of someone dear to you!

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ÖÖD Hötels Rooslepa

Lääne maakond, Rooslepa küla / Roslep

ÖÖD Hötels Rooslepa is located in the wild forest of Western Estonia, where people can escape in search of privacy, quiet beaches, and lush nature. Rooslepa is known for the most beautiful beaches in Estonia and its location offers unforgettable sunsets. Rooslepa is one of the most popular places for surfing in Estonia. In addition, the dense forest is full of beautiful hiking trails. You have a small kitchenette, a large bed, a cosy interior, a terrace, a barbecue, and free parking. Here, worries disappear, you can get away from city noise, and spend a memorable night alone or with your loved one.

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ÖÖD Hötels Rannamõisa

Harju maakond, Rannamõisa küla

ÖÖD Hötels Rannamõisa is an ideal holiday destination to get away from the capital. The mirror house is surrounded by a dense pine forest, where privacy is guaranteed. It is possible to go for a swim in the sea or lose track of time while enjoying the sunset. It has a small kitchenette, a large bed, a cosy interior, a terrace, a barbecue, and free parking. Forget about your worries and spend a memorable night alone or with a loved one. Nearby are Tilgu Harbour and Suurupi and Vääna-Jõesuu beaches which are known for their sandy beach and beautiful hiking trails.

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An ancient night at Preeriakoda

Rapla maakond, Varbola küla

A night in an Indian tepee, keeping an eye on the crackling fire, looking at the starry sky through the smoke flaps, and hearing the sounds of the night through the tepee cover – forest sounds, the early-morning cheers of migratory birds, murmur of the river, and the frosty morning silence. It is a night like in ancient times – for couples, families, friends, and collectives.

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Pähkli Primeval Hut

Hiiu maakond, Sarve küla

If you are looking for something special, primeval and unique, this ancient sauna hut is the perfect place for you to spend a relaxed vacation in Hiiu County. The hut is made from large logs and has a thick sod roof. There is also a sauna. Pähkli Primeval Hut is suitable for families with children, as they can create their own fairy tale and go on adventures. We also have everything necessary for the parents to have a relaxing vacation. The hut has a kitchenette and a bonfire site in the garden. There are three cute alpacas in the courtyard. N.B. There is a clean dry toilet.

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Sambliku forest treehouse

Harju maakond, Koppelmaa küla

Come and enjoy something extraordinary - a cosy accommodation in the trees, in the heart of a forest. Take a trip back to your childhood when you were climbing treehouses and make it a reality. The Sambliku forest treehouse offers private relaxation for up to two persons. The house has a small kitchenette, bathroom as well as a sleeping and relaxation area with a cosy fireplace. Outside, you can enjoy our terrace with beautiful views. To reach us, you have to walk 200 m of a curvy park road and cross a suspension bridge.The house also has a Finnish sauna for your private use. At a short drive away you will find the Metsanurme hiking trail, Keila river for swimming and several historic manors.

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Maidla nature villa Käbi

Rapla maakond, Maidla küla

The unique hotel nature villa Käbi offers our guests a private specialty accommodation where you can experience amazing views in a cosy, yet luxurious and unique villa designed by architect Mari Hunt. The villa is located in Raplamaa, just a 50-minute drive from Tallinn. Inspiration for Käbi came straight from nature. The house could be considered a big brother of a pinecone thanks to the material of its façade. The outdoor jacuzzi is the thing that makes the experience even more unique. The night in nature includes a delicious breakfast and a tour in the Maidla manor complex.

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Üügumetsa treehouse

Saare maakond, Kallaste küla

The spacious Üügumetsa treehouse with a view of the sea offers privacy, peace, and the authentic nature of Muhu Island.The house is located on the northern coast of the island in a forest of junipers and pines. Just a short walk away is the picturesque Üügu bluff and swimming areas. The house can accommodate a family with two children. The bedroom and the balcony offer a beautiful sea view over the tops of the trees. The living room extends to the terrace under the house, where there is also an outdoor kitchen. There is a newly completed separated washing room with hot water and a composting toilet. Two bicycles can be rented for exploring the whole island.

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