Places in Pärnu to enjoy the summer

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Places in Pärnu to enjoy the summer

Every summer, Pärnu turns into a real beach resort town that is always bustling with people, regardless of day or time. Thousands of people are attracted by the sandy beach, clear sea, busy event calendar, and pleasant restaurants, cafés, and bars. It’s no wonder that in the summer, there are six times more people in Pärnu than during other times of the year. Read on to see what places in Pärnu you should visit this summer to make the most of the season.

Supeluse Summer Promenade

Supeluse Street and its restaurants and cafes form the Supeluse Summer Promenade, which has become one of the symbols of Pärnu in the summertime. You can stroll from the city centre to the beach and back, and it's the setting of many summer street festivals. Due to the high number of pedestrians, Supeluse Street becomes car-free in the summer.

There are cafés, restaurants, and seating areas with pleasant atmospheres to suit all tastes. For example, Oliver's Garden Café serves barbecue and has tables for larger groups. Families with children will especially enjoy this place, as Oliver's Garden Café has a large children's playground. Next door is the modern Miami Kitchen & Lounge, where you can carefully mixed cocktails and delicious food that will trick your taste buds into thinking you're actually in Miami!

Continuing along Supeluse Street, you will find the Supelsaksad Café, which always serves delicious food. Directly across the road is Karusselli Buffet, one of the main evening gathering places. The Artists' House is also close by, where there is always something exciting going on.

Moving on from there, we arrive at Villa Wesset, which is always full of visitors in the summer. Villa Wesset is a hotel with a restaurant that expands to the street during the summer season. At Villa Wesset you'll find high quality meals and great cocktails to enjoy during the long evenings.

Across the road from Villa Wesset is the large Pärnu Beach Park, the construction of which began in 1882. It's pleasant to walk here during daytime or in the evening. Delight in ancient avenues, admire the flowers and fountains, have a relaxed summer picnic, or meet the friendly grass-green elephants that have been brought here to delight visitors.

The annual Supeluse Street Fair

Photo by: Elena Liik, Visit Pärnu

Pärnu Beach and the beach promenade

Pärnu Beach is the most popular beach in Estonia, not only due to its clear sea and sandy beaches, but also because there is always something exciting going on. Pärnu Beach is full of sunbathers and swimmers during the day, but in the evening it has a completely different atmosphere. So after a long day at the beach, it's worth getting dressed up again and coming back to take part in the buzz of summertime activities.

On warm summer evenings, Pärnu's beach promenade is more reminiscent of a southern European resort town. In recent years, a number of cosy bars and seating areas have sprung up along the promenade, where it's nice to hang out with friends and chat. You may also enjoy an evening stroll along the promenade with your companions. The beach bars often host concerts and beach parties.

Pärnu Beach promenade from the air

Photo by: Reimo Ruubel, Visit Pärnu

If you're feeling a bit hungry, it's worth popping into the Rannahotell Restaurant, which embodies the glamour of the 1930s and serves delicious Scandinavian cuisine. World-class street food can be found at Poko Restaurant at the end of the promenade on Side Street, next to Poko B, where you can order delicious sushi. Speaking of restaurants, be sure to visit restaurant Raimond, located under the Hedon Spa Hotel, where you can enjoy a high quality à la carte menu.

In addition to the restaurants, there are a number of small places with a cosy atmosphere along the beach promenade. For example, at Surf Center, you can rent surf equipment, SUP boards, and other gear, and then head to their bar to eat and drink and relax in the sun. You'll also find cool spots like a cocktail bar in a converted camper van called Põks and modern-looking beach bars. For those who love dance music, Sunset nightclub awaits visitors to the Pärnu Beach House, along with the Sunset Lounge located on the terrace, where music is played and you can enjoy the sunset and sea view.

Walking from Sunset towards Pärnu pier, you will find the brand new DÜÜN beach area. The Mecca of beach sports, Pärnu Beach Arena, is located here. DÜÜN also has street food dishes, Neapolitan-style pizzas and summer cocktails. If you prefer to take it slow, check out the RaRa mobile library for a book to read on the beach.

If you are holidaying with children, Pärnu Beach has one of the best playgrounds in Pärnu, with activities for children of all ages. You can also take the children to visit the Rannaniidu hiking trail at the end of Side Street, which is built over a natural beach meadow, offering wonderful views of Pärnu Bay.

Coastal meadow hiking trail

Photo by: Eiliki Pukk, Visit Pärnu

New and trendy promenade by the Pärnu River

The Pärnu River area is becoming more attractive every year. It is here that more and more locals and visitors alike flock for summer evenings. In recent years, trendy bars and cafés have sprung up here, creating a pleasant atmosphere for hosting summertime events. The area along the Pärnu River has long been overshadowed by the seafront, but this is now changing with the development of a food street and riverside promenade.

For example, you can find Telliskivi-esque places like Lai. T Cafe, Kastrul, Kohvila, and Leivakas by the river. The most famous cocktail bar in Pärnu, Wunderbaar, is also located here. Wunderbaar has won the venue of the year award and received several accolades for promoting the local music scene.

The Pärnu River promenade offers fresh options for those who want a break from the beach.

Photo by: SunCity Pärnu, Visit Pärnu

A beautiful river view is offered by Suncity Pärnu water sports center and bar, and the adjacent Baarcelona, which focuses on the flavors of Catalonia. Moving a little further along the riverside, on the corner of Liiva street, going up the stairs, there is a place called Liiva Peatus, which also has a great view of the river.

In addition, you can enjoy the sunset and summer weather from a boat on the Pärnu River. Tours are organised by Pärnu Cruises and Kalatakso.

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