Wines from the North

Source: Magnus Heinmets, Visit Estonia

Wines from the North

Estonia might not be known for its wine, but it is definitely known for its produce and a down to earth lifestyle. While modern farmers are experimenting with grapes, Estonian local wine is traditionally made from dandelions, rhubarb, primrose, rowan, blackcurrant, and other local fruits and berries. 

Best of Põltsamaa wines

Photo by: Magnus Heinmets, Visit Estonia

Põltsamaa is a small historic town located right in the middle of Estonia. Wine production kicked off here in 1921 and became an instant hit across the country. Today you can sample Põltsamaa wines in Põltsamaa wine cellar as well as in most bars and restaurants across the country.

Allikukivi winery is best know for its rhubarb wine. The award-winning estate offers wines made from blackcurrant, apple, raspberry, rowan and chokeberry, and welcomes visitors to explore the winemaking process. Mamm & Frukt on the other hand is a trendy new wine producer ready to take the market with its bubbly variety of fruit wines.

In the deep south, you'll find Uue-Saaluse vineyard, representing the UNESCO listed area called Setomaa. In addition to fruit wines, you can also sample and purchase locally produced jams and preserves.

Muhu vineyard and guesthouse

Photo by: Mart Vares, Visit Estonia

Muhu Farm Winery has been making waves for years. The project was started in 2012 by planting the first 100 vines. Located on a tiny, rustic island of Muhu, the vineyard serves freshly prepared meals and heats up a mean sauna to finish up the wine tasting session. Known also as Luscher & Matiesen Muhu Winehouse, it carries the legend of what used to be the biggest winery in Estonia back in the 1930s. Valgejõe vineyard offers up to 10 different types of berry wines, while Murimäe vine cellar offers wine tasting tours of its locally produced Estonian grape wine. 

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