Fresh juice the #EstonianWay

with British birdwatcher and activist

Mya-Rose Craig

Fresh juice the #EstonianWay

  • Fresh juice the #EstonianWay   Source: Hans Markus Antson, Visit Estonia

Source: Hans Markus Antson, Visit Estonia

Source: Hans Markus Antson

The forests of Estonia may not bear mangos or pineapples, but they are home to a special tree that swells with a healthy elixir in early spring. The tree in question is birch, and its sap, full of vitamin C and B, antioxidants and minerals, can be tapped and drunk on the spot. This is the #EstonianWay of absolutely fresh juice.

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Nõva RMK Recreation and Landscape Protection Area

"I can’t really explain this but birch juice tasted really healthy if that makes sense. I was really refreshed after."

Mya-Rose Craig

Birdwatcher and activist

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About Mya-Rose Craig

Mya-Rose Craig AKA Birdgirl is a young birdwatcher, activist, environmentalist and speaker from the UK. She is an avid traveller, having already visited all seven continents, and in 2019, became the world’s youngest person to see 5,000 birds at age 16.

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