Kotzebue Bakery & Charcuterie

The bakery, which is named after the explorer Otto von Kotzebue, sells spelt bread, briochi, cookies, and other products, which Estonians – who are big fans of black bread – will surely enjoy as it is something new for us. The bakery also sells homemade bread – the price tag on the bread coming from the Kotzebue oven has the name of the baker on it.
When it comes to meat, we offer different salami, bresaola, coppa, lonza, dry-cured duck, and nduja made from local animals. The dry-curing process can take up to a year.

Come and discover Estonia and the magnificent flavours of Kotzebue!



Opening times

Open all year round

Mon-Sat 09:00 - 17:00


Toom-Kuninga tn 21, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond