The Charm of Estonian Wine

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The Charm of Estonian Wine

Discovering New Wines in the Estonian Countryside

Thinking about wine, Estonia may not be the first country to come to mind, but the countryside is indeed dotted with farms and wineries. While you might be more accustomed to the viticulture of Spain or France, Estonia has a unique take on wine that stands out as one of its rural charms.

Wine made the Estonian Way

You might be wondering what exactly is Estonian wine? The main difference lies in the base. While the most common wines are products from grapes, the Estonian tradition uses local fruits, berries, and flowers. Some of the most common bases include dandelion, rhubarb, primrose, rowan, and blackcurrant. This leads to sweeter flavours than grape-based wine. As a result, Estonia has an extensive selection of dessert wines.

Since the 2000s, Estonia has been experiencing a sort of 'craft renaissance' with wine-making at the forefront. This distinct tradition of wine-making goes back to the Middle Ages. More modern berry wineries began to open in the 1920s with traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. As such, everything in Estonian wine-making is a family business, so if you visit a winery, a warm and personal reception is all but guaranteed.

Experiencing wine and the countryside at the same time

Showcasing this less-known piece of Estonian culture is the Wine Route Tour. This experience brings visitors out of the cities and into the heart of the Estonian countryside while they tour 19 wineries. This covers the whole of Estonia and shows off the country's stunning landscape and rural elements that most visitors don't get a chance to see.

Try Wine the  Estonian way at the Muhu Wine Farm

Photo by Mart Vares

Sticking to Estonian values, these wineries base all their products on local ingredients made according to family traditions. This means that each wine has a unique taste according to the soil, local ingredients, and the winery's own specific process. With that in mind, it's no surprise that such a fabulous experience was awarded the Tourism Marketing Act award for Estonia in 2021.

In fact, the abundance of raw materials makes Estonian wine culture much more diverse than other, more standard wine-growing regions. As such, local production is highly valued with Estonian wines being found on wine menus in the best restaurants both in Estonia and around the world.

Last updated : 14.10.2021

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