Eat your way around Tallinn

Source: Phoebe Escott-Kenny

Eat your way around Tallinn

Phoebe Escott-Kenny is a 30-year-old Australian and Irish citizen who now lives in Germany and has travelled to 40 countries since 2011. She loves to write about travelling, tell great stories, take magnificent photographs, and study culture and languages. She recently visited the capital of Estonia and ate her way through the city over many satisfying days! Find out what she discovered during her five-day trip to Tallinn.

The author wandering around Telliskivi Creative City

Photo by: Phoebe Escott-Kenny

Tallinn, the Foodie City

Tallinn is Estonia’s capital city and is packed with some very impressive restaurants. While on a five-day trip through the Baltic city, I discovered some seriously fancy, fine-dining establishments, speakeasy bars hidden inside restaurants, gourmet desserts in former Soviet trains, and plenty of casual dining options in places like old factories and villas.

Colourful Tallinn city architecture

Photo by: Phoebe Escott-Kenny

Tallinn has an ‘Old Town’ but the coolest Tallinn restaurants are not all centralised. You’ll need public transport, an Uber, or your own car to get to some of these – and trust me, the ride will be worth it. Follow me through Tallinn as I show you 15 of the best restaurants. The list is divided into two parts: fine dining and casual dining. Let’s get straight to business and start with my favourite kind of dining.

Fine Dining

  • NOA Restaurant - this is said to be THE best restaurant in Estonia. According to The White Guide Baltic, NOA is the best restaurant in Estonia, rating them at the Global Masters Level.
  • NOA Chef’s Hall - for an insatiable food degustation at Estonia’s best restaurant. NOA Chef’s Hall, which seats 45 people, has been selected as the best Estonian restaurant several times. In 2017, it was also chosen as the best Baltic restaurant. NOA Chef’s Hall is like a restaurant in a restaurant: it is the more private and elegant part of NOA, where head chefs Tõnis Siigur and Orm Oja prepare the OMNIVORE 9 or 11-course tasting menu in an open kitchen.
  • Pegasus - for a cool Tallinn restaurant, see this retro interior with modern dining and delicious cocktails.
  • Peatus - want to dine inside a former Soviet train while exploring Tallinn restaurants? Peatus lies in the heart of the Creative City, Telliskivi. Lovers of trains and romantics of a bygone era will love Peatus, one of the most unique Tallinn restaurants. Parked permanently these days in the fashionable, hipster Telliskivi district (a stone’s throw from the main Balti Jaam train station), which used to serve as a train depot, Peatus is a vintage railway restaurant car serving top food in the kind of place you don’t get the opportunity to eat every day.
  • Parrot Minibar - A visual sensation – modern food constructions with a hidden speakeasy bar inside this Tallinn restaurant. I met the owner a few weeks after she had opened the place. As the kitchen wasn't cooking when I whizzed past, she invited me inside for a drink and showed me the secret 'bar'. I can't reveal here where that is but let's just say you'll be surprised.
  • Paju Villa - natural light-filled space inside a renovated villa.
  • Tuljak - every dish is like a plate of art – presentation plus.
  • Pull Restoran - vegans beware: this place is all about serious meat!
  • Härg Restaurant and Bar - hidden from the street, what a treat!
  • Rataskaevu 16 - local, regional and fresh. This place does zero advertising and is usually always full. Word on the street is that Rataskaevu 16 has opened a second Tallinn restaurant.

Casual Dining

  • Tai Boh - quirky interior, vibrant atmosphere, and a great take on Asian food
  • F-Hoone - right in the heart of Tallinn’s creative hub Telliskivi, lies this former factory restaurant – locals flock here
  • Vegan Restoran - ‘I’m not even vegan’ and I loved their food. Beyond tasty and opened my mind to the flavours of veganism

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