4 tips for a restful holiday in Estonia

Source: Visit Estonia

4 tips for a restful holiday in Estonia

Come experience the deepest sleep of your life and feel truly rested.

Do you ever feel like you're running on empty and crave more sleep? Estonia's calm, natural environment is the perfect place to recharge your battery, both physically and mentally. A good night's sleep is important, especially when your days are full of sightseeing and novel sensations. Follow these recommendations to enjoy new experiences and to get some of the best sleep you've ever had. 

Unplug in nature

Space and freedom

Estonian is one of the least densely populated, most forested countries in Europe. 

Photo by: Mart Vares

Cities like Tallinn and Tartu offer plenty of urban excitement, but peace and solitude are just a short drive away in Estonia's national parks and nature reserves. Take a laid-back hike to a bog or a waterfall; physical activity during the day makes it easier to unwind at night. Put your electronics away while you do it for added relaxation.

Eat wholesome food

Medicinal and natural teas

Enjoy the tasty, caffeine-free varieties of beverages made from fruits, berries, herbs and plants. 

Photo by: Mart Vares

While soaking in pure landscapes and clean air, nourish your body with equally pure and clean food. Estonian cuisine honours the seasonal and local over the artificial. Lay off the caffeine in the latter half of the day and opt for herbal tea, like peppermint or nettle. A wide variety of medicinal teas can be found in local grocery stores and pharmacies, accepted as a cure for common ailments like fatigue and insomnia.

Unwind in a sauna

A healthy beating

Sauna whisks are often made from thin birch branches and are used to lightly massage and beat the skin.

Photo by: Mart Vares

After an evening of sauna, a good sleep is simply inevitable. The heat releases muscle tension, cleanses the skin and opens the lungs. The next suggestions may sound counter-intuitive if relaxation is your goal; have a friend lightly beat you with a bundle of branches called a whisk, and then jump into a body of cold water. Whisking stimulates circulation, as does alternating between the hot sauna and cold water. 

Get shut-eye with a sleeping mask

Sleep like an animal

An Estonian company's eye masks aren't just great for bright summer nights, but also for travel.

Photo by: ÖÖloom, ooloomstore.com 

During the white nights of summer, the sun rises early and sets late. To block out the light and get a good rest, thick curtains or an eye mask are handy. ÖÖloom, which translates to 'creature of the night', is an Estonian company making eye masks so cosy, they are referred to as 'face-blankets'. The woolly masks give you the face of a wild, sleepy creature like a fox or a unicorn, and are great for travelling.