Best wellness retreats to beat the screen fatigue

Source: Renee Altrov, Visit Estonia

Best wellness retreats to beat the screen fatigue

When we think of ancient Estonian wellness retreats, the first thing that comes to mind is definitely sauna. Sauna is ingrained in Estonian culture and continues to be so for generations after generations. Estonians have inhabited northeastern Europe for millennia and picked up many ancient folk wisdom along the way to stimulate both their bodies, souls, and spirits in harsh Northern conditions. This includes fasting, sauna rituals, and the use of medicinal plants.

I think we are not too far off when we say that we are in dire need of a collective break from screens and news outlets blasting daunting news on a daily basis. We invite you to take a brief, informed social media break this season.

The Smoke sauna traditions of Old Võromaa is marked as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. You can try this ancient tradition on your very own skin at Mooska Farm , Maria Farm, and Laugu Farm. 

A traditional sauna session lasts at least three hours and the smoke sauna of Mooska Farm can comfortably accommodate eight people. The rich aroma of burning wood is complemented by a pleasant scent of birch boughs and sauna honey.

The hours after a sauna are for relaxing

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Nature BioSpa Nature Treatment Centre is located in the midst of idyllic Southern Estonia, where the pleasant climate and healthy spring water will restart your body. The spa is also known for its 5 and 7-day cleansing diets and fasts, and rehabilitation programmes.

Energy Farm, located on the bank of the Navesti River, offers the opportunity to get acquainted with medicinal plants, touch and taste the plants and admire their beauty. It is possible to get to know the traditionally used herbs, their cultivation, and use.

Estonia has a number of rural spas offering spiritual getaways

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Tuisuliiva holiday home  organises fasting and health camps in a natural, calm setting that is just a stone's throw from a sandy beach. Idyllic sunsets and mild sea breezes are sure to lift the weight right off your shoulders. Here you can take surfing trips on the sea, walks on the promenade, and enjoy a cultural program at Kabli Beach Café.

If you'd like to plan your whole trip around surfing then look to further than Surfhunt  located on the shore of the Gulf of Riga. In addition to surfing you can also take a ride on a stand-up paddleboard, rent a rowing boat, get a massage, ride a horse or order a small trip on a motorboat.

Bears can be watched from afar with the help of a guide

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The slopes behind Alutaguse have long been known as the land of bears. Bears and other forest dwellers can be seen roaming in their natural environment from bear watching towers. It is possible to book a walk on the Natourest bear study trail ran by an experienced tour guide.

Forest is healing in itself

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If you'd like to get medieval, then opt for Vastseliina Episcopal Castle Pilgrimage House, introducing everything that is related to medieval pilgrims and pilgrimages, along with baths and massages offered in the confines of the historical castle.

Built on the former forest guard site, Vango Wonderland is a special place. Here you can travel in the woods and listen to the noise of trees, meet a fox, a rabbit, or even a lynx.

Last updated : 19.03.2021