How to relax and fully enjoy SPA treatment?

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How to relax and fully enjoy SPA treatment?

A visit to spa is time we devote only to ourselves, to relax and enhance our wellbeing. Rarely someone can say that going to spa is a daily activity. Mostly it is a special occasion – time to treat yourself. Perhaps you have noticed that in this particular environment - either visiting a sauna area or being alone with a therapist – you can't let go and relax completely. So to avoid these feelings, we turned to Tervis Spa representative Valerija Mjassojedova, to ask for advice – how to prepare so that you can be your most relaxed self during procedure?

Think about eating!

Don't eat anything heavy before going to spa procedure. Of course you also won't be able to completely relax if you will be starving. So if you want to eat something before hitting a spa, choose light and healthy snack. Also try to avoid caffeine filled drinks because they might give you such an energy boost that it might make you uneasy during procedure as well.

Make time to prepare!

Try to prepare for relaxation before lying down for procedure. Plan your time so there is no rush to get out of your clothes and slip in to spa robe and slippers. It is considered etiquette to take a warm shower before going for procedure. It is necessary for hygenic reasons, but also – it warms up muscles and prepares them for relaxation. After shower you can choose other options that spa centre offers, like sauna, bath or pool. Most spas have a relaxation corner where you can sit down and sip a cup of relaxing tea. Try to sit down, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. It will help you wind down, relax, calm your heart rate and slow down your thoughts.

Relaxing in Hedon Spa

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Also – take a little moment to do some light stretching. Daily office workers usually store a lot of tension in the shoulder area, so some light stretches will help you relax muscles and prepare them for well deserved relaxation.

Most important – your comfort!

Perhaps you have been denying yourself a pleasures of spa, because you feel shy being almost naked in front of stranger. Please, put those feelings aside. If you don't feel comfortable and covering yourself only with single-use spa panties, you are not obligated to wear them. You can as well undress down to your underwear (we suggest using bathing suit). Spa professional will be able to work around that. 

Don't be shy to speak up

If the spa therapist is using too much or not enough pressure, please speak up. Also sometimes you might not want to talk at all, but you find yourself in the hands of someone you find too chatty – also speak up and say that you would prefer total silence. That is OK too.

Massage in Laulasmaa Spa

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Close your eyes

Why is the benefit of that? Keeping eyes open makes them wonder which stimulates brain. So close your eyes and let your thoughts go.


Once the procedure is over, you can take your time and rest for some time on the massage table. There is no need to jump up and run out. Also once you leave the spa salon, don't rush to do anything active. Immediately doing some hard activities might make you light headed.

Hopefully these tips will inspire those who have been restricting themselves from pleasures of spa to go ahead and try this great way of relaxation, and also make your next spa experience even more relaxing and enjoyable.

Last updated : 07.03.2018

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