TOP things to do in Estonia as a film buff

Source: Kalle Veesaar, Visit Estonia

TOP things to do in Estonia as a film buff

In the run-up to the Black Nights Film Festival taking place in Tallinn in late November, we are thrilled to introduce to all cinema lovers a range of exhibitions and museums, as well as film events taking place in Estonia throughout the year.

Apollo Cinema Restaurant

Harju maakond, Kristiine linnaosa

Apollo Cinema Restaurant, located in O’Learys in Kristiine Centre offers a cinema experience with comfortable chairs, moving dining tables, modern Dolby laser projection, and high-quality Dolby 7.1 sound. You can watch the movie and enjoy our food and drinks without leaving your seat. The 44 comfortable and adjustable chairs have an integrated tablet, meaning you can order your food and drinks from there.  

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Estonian Film Museum

Harju maakond, Kesklinna linnaosa

As you walk on the red carpet leading you to the Film Museum in the Maarjamäe Castle Park, you will feel like a movie star. The film alley takes you to an exhibition that provides an overview of the history of Estonian films and the behind the scenes of the world's film industry. The permanent exhibition 'Take ONE' shares the secrets of film making and gives the visitors an idea of what happens behind the camera. In the magical illusion room, machines from the early years of film are available for exploring and testing how people used to make films. You can also try being a filmmaker at the exhibition. The building has a 210-seat cinema and conference room, perfect for premieres and other events.

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Järva-Jaani Cinema Museum

Järva maakond, Järva-Jaani alev

The Cinema Museum was opened in Järva-Jaani in 2006. The Cinema Museum shows the process of making a film, lighting equipment, cameras, a small film development tank, a montage table, the device used to mix sound and picture and a large collection of projection devices. You can visit the Järva-Jaani Cinema Museum by appointment. Interesting facts: - the equipment can also work with the power generated by the generator of a travelling cinema.

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Filmitalu Farm animation and film workshop

Rapla maakond, Palamulla küla

At Filmitalu Farm, you can learn how to make movies and make one as well, both animated and regular movies. A studio has been built into the barn of the farm, which is more than 100 years old, and it offers something for people of all ages. Rao Heidmets, a film-maker, trainer, and author of Animaõpik textbook will carry out the workshops with assistants. You are welcome to take part in a quick course on (animated) movie-making. The course starts with an introduction to animation and then, you can start making the movie with the technique and characters of your choice. All participants will complete an animation film (7–30 seconds) by the end of the course. We also organise longer courses.

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Last updated : 08.10.2019