Bicycle tour Heltermaa-Suuremõisa-Hellamaa-Kärdla

Bicycle tour Heltermaa-Suuremõisa-Hellamaa-Kärdla

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Bicycle tour Heltermaa-Suuremõisa-Hellamaa-Kärdla is a historic route that passes by places with beautiful nature.
It is the best way to discover the history of Hiiu County. The marvellous Suuremõisa Castle with its biodiverse manor park is incredibly beautiful and tells exciting legends and true stories. The mausoleum of the founder of the castle, countess Ebba Margaretha Stenbock, is located next to Pühalepa church. Suursadam Port, which was the largest shipbuilding port of the island, tells the story of famous Hiiu County shipbuilders. Hioma, the first Estonian sailing ship, which travelled around Cape Horn, was built there in 1848.

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