Back bogshoe hike in Kakerdaja bog

The Kakerdaja bog hike is one worth doing in every season of the year. 
Make a choice, or do them all; take in a hike in the autumn bog among lingonberries and colourful leaves; visit in the winter, when you can float over a thick carpet of calm snow; enjoy the bog in spring, when wild nature awakens, rivers flow and birds sing; or come in the summer, when it's full of warm bog pools, excellent for swimming, and the bog makes a great natural mud spa.
The hike is about 4 km, or 2–3 hours in length.

Please note! The starting point for this hike is accessible by car, but during snowy and rainy seasons, access is limited. In this case, a package including Zil 6x6 truck transportation to the bog is available for an additional €10 per person.

Features and amenities
  • Languages spoken
  • Estonian
  • English
  • Russian
  • Finnish
Further information
Length/Distance 4.0
Duration (hours) 3
  • Amenities
  • Free parking
  • Drop Toilet
  • Recreation area/picnic ground
  • Additional services
  • Meals