#feelingestonia: storyteller's nest

Source: Siiri Kumari

#feelingestonia: storyteller's nest

Source: Siiri Kumari

  • Unfolding Estonia: storyteller's nest Source: Mart Vares

Storyteller's nest is social influencer's home in the heart of Tallinn. 

If you have your own channel, engaged followers and passion to find out more about Estonia & really feel what this destination is all about, apply now to be hosted by Visit Estonia! Discover Lonely Planet's best value destination that is described as a gloriously distinctive slice of Europe, where Eastern and Nordic influences mix together.

  • stay either for 3 or 5 nights
  • we provide you with an apartment, a car, fuel, restaurant vouchers, and personal tips
  • you can have +1


  • if you're chosen to be hosted by us, we will contact you within a week
  • you are the master of your schedule 
  • if you stay for 5 nights, we would love you to go out of Tallinn as well 

    Why ?

  • experience one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe
  • discover the city at your own pace
  • make a road trip & go anywhere you want from our enchanting bogs to wild beaches & islands

    We trust you to know how&when and where you create the best content.

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Last updated : 19.04.2017
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