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The Estonian Stress Buster

Let Estonia’s pure nature relieve your stress.

We’ve come to accept stress as a normal part of our lives. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Estonian Stress Buster has the antidote.

The Stress Buster is equipped with the awesome power of pure nature, which he carries forth to the world’s major cities. Using facial recognition technology, he identifies stressed out individuals (really!) and employs the sounds of nature and a pop-up forest to bust their stress. And for the permanent cure, he sends them on a trip to Estonia. Keep an eye out for the Stress Buster in your stressed-out city.

The Stress Buster’s self-built Sound Box is a precision loudspeaker hidden in a wooden container. The speaker enables the projection of the sounds of pure nature, like bird song, the sound of water over stones in a wild creek, or the howling of creatures in the untouched woods, directly to the stressed-out subject. Even when surrounded by the noise of the city, its pureness of the sound makes stressed ones stop and think. The sounds of nature clear the mind of everyday hassles and lower the stress level immediately.

The best results of sound therapy can be experienced in the pure nature of Estonia, where there are no other disturbing noises, and the sounds of pure nature create require no technical devices.

Measuring stress levels with face recognition technology was developed by emotion psychologist Dr. André Weinreich, who tracked human emotions at Humboldt University in Berlin.

This unique software analyzes the position of eyes and the general appearance of the face in real time and enables the detection of emotions. The Stress Buster co-operated with Dr. Weinreich to find the most stressed subjects in crowded cities and offer relief from stress by sending some on a trip into Estonia’s pure nature. Thank you for your help, Dr. Weinreich!

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