Coastal delicacies

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Coastal delicacies

Dining by the coast is especially rewarding during the summer but Estonia's long coastline lures in visitors throughout the year. Don't be surprised to find gourmet chefs serving up local seafood during a visit to Estonia's many fisherman villages and seaside towns.

With its 3,800 km coastline, Estonia is practically an island itself. Well, island of islands, as Estonia's landmass is distributed between the mainland and its 2,222 islands. If fish is your dish, then head for the seaside and islands, where you'll find a range of salted fish such as Baltic herring, vimba bream and perch as well as all manner of smoked fish including the local's favourite – flounder. Smoked fish is often served on its own and involves a sort of a ritual of hand picking the juicy bites from the narrow bones – it's fair to say that the dish might require some commitment but the salty, tender but chewy meat is definitely worth the effort.

If you're looking to experience Estonian coastal cuisine in gourmet-style, then you're in luck as many notable Estonian chefs have adapted to the coastal lifestyle. in Kaberneeme, Noa in Merivälja, Wicca in Laulasmaa, MerMer at Juminda peninsula and Ruhe in Jõelähtme serve up coastal delicacies in seaside-inspired interiors, and what's even better is that these fine dining restaurants are also considered to be one of the 50 Best Restaurants in Estonia. If you're set on a coastal holiday, then you're in luck as Estonia's best restaurant Alexander, is also located nearby the sea, with great views guaranteed. Plan your gourmet trip now by using the map of 50 Best Estonian Restaurants.

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