Myths and legends of Tallinn Old Town

Source: Andres Raudjalg, Visit Estonia

Myths and legends of Tallinn Old Town

Each medieval city has its own stories and legends that have been preserved for centuries and have been handed down from generation to generation. The 800-year-old Tallinn is particularly rich in such stories and legends.

Being in the Old Town of Tallinn, you encounter history at every step –  every old house has a secret. Why not take a closer look at costumed tour in the Old Town, take a guided walk tour or listen to the hidden stories of Tallinn sub-city district?

The legend goes that this is where the Danish flag fell from sky

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Tallinn Legends Interactive Museum is the kind of entertaining experience that introduces fascinating stories with performances, exhibitions, videos, and animations. It is an adventure that cannot be recounted in words but must be experienced. The programme is constantly changing because you have a lot of myths and stories.

Legends include the Danish King's Garden and Kiek in de Kök.

The flooding of Tallinn

Everyone in Estonia knows the legend of the old man of Ülemiste lake, who has promised to sink the city of Tallinn once the city is ready. However, it is less known that Lake Ülemiste has flooded the city several times.

Legends come to life

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The ghost of a monk

There are many ghost stories about monks in Tallinn. The house on Lai Street 29 is know to have someone walking around with sliding steps, sometimes knocking on doors and walls. A sighting of a ghostly man has been previously reported.

History all around

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In the 15th century, a young girl Margarethe lived with her family in this house. A storyteller named Johann von Hilten was also living in the city at that time. The monk began to work closely with the girl's family and naturally fell in love with the girl, who in turn rejected her. Legend has it that the same monk is now looking for his lover.

The many stories of Neitsitorn

Neitsitorn or The Virgin Tower is also said to be haunting - the many fictional characters include a man in black clothing, a young priest in the tower, and a prostitute who has entered into an agreement with Satan.

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