Outdoor activities for the whole family in Estonia

Source: Jaanus Ree / Visit Estonia

Outdoor activities for the whole family in Estonia


Sally Barker

When was the last time you headed out into the great outdoors, challenging your heart and muscles to a tough workout as you took part in a sports activity with your children? If you find that your family seems to be continuously connected to laptops, tablets, computers or even the television, rest assured, you are not alone. Across the globe, health experts are warning us of the dangers of the sedentary lifestyle, which is a major contributor to obesity, type II diabetes, heart problems and more.

Kids in the Estonian nature

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Enjoying the best of the outdoor lifestyle also bestows priceless mental benefits, however, with studies indicating that nature is a powerful stress buster. Outdoor exercise is more demanding than indoor exercise, it is more enjoyable and its effects on mood and vitality, are significant. If you are planning a holiday to Estonia with your family, why not bond while taking part in an outdoor adventure? Before leaving home, make sure your travel policy covers adventure sports if you plan on taking part on them; if you are travelling with little children, fear not. There are many nature-based activities that even the youngest can take part in.

We suggest the following fun and relaxing outdoor activities:

  • Cycling along the promenade at Pärnu Beach: Simply strolling along Pärnu Beach and breathing in the salty sea air can make you feel like new, but if you really want to get those little hearts racing, rent a bicycle and enjoy a fun family ride on the promenade. There are a host of activities available, including swimming and surfing and afterwards, you can watch the sun set over the horizon while sipping on a cool drink at one of many café that pepper the coastline.
  • Hiking in Keila-Joa Park: Keila-Joa Park has a three-kilometre-long nature trail along the Keila River banks and through the park itself. The park has hiking, cycling and off-road trails, so choose the one that best suits your fitness level. If you want to make the most of nature, why not sleep over? The park has a popular campsite and facilities to make your stay as comfortable as it is enjoyable. Check out the wide variety of flora and fauna and enjoy a magnificent view from the observation tower.

Hiking with the family

Nigula nature protection area

Photo by: Sven Zacek / Visit Estonia
  • Sailing: Estonia is home to a vast coastline and many ports from which you can rent a boat or yacht and check out beautiful sights such as the the view of Old Tallinn. Most charter companies offer everything you need for a quite or more upbeat trip, including food, drink and information on local must-see areas.
  • Kayaking in Pärnu: Kayaking with children is a fantastic way to build their self-confidence, as they navigate their own kayak or help you sail to a secret spot. There are various companies that specialise in gear rental, kayaking, canoeing and more. Little kids love the sport of stand-up paddle surfing, which improves their balance and gets their muscles working as they enjoy fun races against each other.

Autumn in Estonia

Photo by: Jaanus Ree / Visit Estonia

We have provided just a tiny selection from the wide range of outdoor activities you can enjoy to Estonia. Take your pick from a plethora of nature trails (Rannametsa Tolkuse Nature Trail is highly recommended), nature gazing (the Ontika limestone cliffs are impressive in height and hue), park visits (Soomaa National Park is a must) and many more beautiful areas. Without a doubt, the more you make of nature, the less likely your family is to ever forget this uniquely evocative, visually stunning holiday.

Last updated : 03.11.2020