Tallinn Airport — The World's Coziest Airport!

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Tallinn Airport — The World's Coziest Airport!

While Tallinn Airport will never be the world's largest airport, it certainly ranks among the best. The airport has carefully considered every aspect of the passenger's journey and put effort into every little detail to create a cozy, homey atmosphere.

In March 2023, Tallinn Airport earned the title of Best European Airport among similar-sized airports. Airports Council International (ACI) has awarded the airport with this title five years in a row. Passengers have also voted Tallinn Airport one of the best aerial gateways in Europe.

Enjoy hassle-free travel when flying from Tallinn Airport.

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Tallinn Airport is easily accessible...

Tallinn Airport stands out from airports in other countries for its convenient location. Located just four kilometers from the city center, the trip to the airport is quick or easy. Passengers can get to the airport by taxi, bus, or car, and there is plenty of parking space for visitors coming from further away. Several long-distance buses to and from Tallinn also stop at or nearby the airport.

...and filled with ways to relax

The design of Tallinn Airport follows one simple principle: the airport does not have to be a bleak, functional building. Passengers are often nervous for their upcoming flight, and relaxing in a peaceful, grounding space that feels like a cozy living room can help alleviate that stress. The airport has a modern, clean, and efficient atmosphere as well as a compact and logical layout so that passengers can reach their gate quickly. Each gate has a unique design, allowing travellers to rest before their flight as well as enjoy fun activities to pass the time.

Enjoy a snack and find a place to relax before boarding the plane.

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After passing security, passengers will notice the smell of freshly baked pastries and delicious coffee. In addition to numerous cafés and restaurants, there are also many stores at the airport where visitors can buy unique souvenirs, including Estonian designs and handicrafts as well as products from international brands. Many stores and cafés have self-service checkout machines. Passengers can also buy last-minute essentials, such as band-aids, sunscreen, vitamins, or pharmaceutical cosmetics from the first self-service pharmacy in Estonia, which is located on the ground floor.

Let kids burn off some energy before the flight at the Lotte Village play area.

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Children can have fun in the Lotte Village play area while adults can compete in a game of table tennis or test their speed and dexterity at the Sports Museum gate. Everyone can find a perfect spot to sit back and wait for their flight.

Tallinn Airport also has a unique library operating purely on trust. Located by Gate 1, the library is a great place to slow down and relax. Passengers are welcome to take a book along for their trip and return it when they have made it back to Estonia. If you can't find the right book, travellers can also buy books from the Apollo bookstore, located just a few meters from the library.

...or places to sit down and get work done.

At Tallinn Airport, there are plenty of workstations equipped with electrical plugs at different gates, and free Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal, so passengers can send last-minute e-mails before their flight. The business lounge is also quiet and comfortable. Based on passenger feedback, the lounge offers something for the whole family. It has a children's play area, massage chairs, an outdoor terrace, an office corner and quiet rooms for making private phone calls. A visit to the business lounge is particularly memorable when taking early morning flights – on a clear day, passengers can enjoy a stunning sunrise from the lounge windows.

Stay connected to your home or office, even while you wait for your flight.

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Bon voyage! Or as we say in Estonia, "Head reisi!"

The employees at Tallinn Airport know their work helps Estonia stay connected to the rest of the world. They strive to offer an experience that indirectly represents the whole country, to leave a good impression on every visitor arriving to or leaving from Estonia. With the airport's cozy atmosphere, Estonians symbolically open their doors to visitors.

Last updated : 02.10.2023

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