Midsummer the #EstonianWay

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Midsummer the #EstonianWay

  • Midsummer the #EstonianWay   Source: Henry Nathan, Visit Estonia

Source: Henry Nathan, Visit Estonia

Source: Henry Nathan, Visit Estonia

Brothers Henry and Piers Nathan, of the world famous @Canon_photos Instagram account, came to Estonia’s mightiest island Saaremaa to glimpse some of best under the radar coastal landscapes. ‘I love exploring lesser-known destinations – places I discover for the first time when I arrive,’ explains Henry. They were just in time to experience the mystical white nights and most anticipated holiday in the North: Midsummer.

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Day one

The journey began at the photogenic 14th century Kuressaare Castle and the nearby Kaali meteorite crater, the eighth largest in the world. Midsummer festivities commenced in the evening with a bonfire on Sõrve peninsula and carried on all night.

Kuressaare Episcopal Castle

Loona Manor Guesthouse

Kaali field of meteorite craters

Mändjala Surf Club

Sõrve Lighthouse

Restaurant Sääre Paargu

Hotel Saaremaa

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I certainly feel like I've done midsummer's the #EstonianWay!

Piers Nathan

Travel photographer

Day two

The expedition continued with a trek across islets through waist-high water to Vilsandi island. Stay the night on Vilsandi to see seabirds, grey seals and to catch a stunning sunset.

Kuressaare Kuursaal

Lümanda Tavern


About Canon Photos

Henry Nathan is a London-based travel photographer who founded the @Canon_photos Instagram page in 2012. Still a student then, his goal was to create a community where photographers could share their work created with Canon cameras. The concept has taken off and Henry now travels the world full-time with his creative team, sharing snapshots of raw beauty with 2.4 million followers.

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