Treat yourself to a chocolatey experience

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Treat yourself to a chocolatey experience

We all love to indulge in something sweet once in a while, and Estonians are no exception. Find out where to find the most delectable chocolates in all of Estonia, and some of the most unique in Europe.

Before chocolate, there was marzipan

Chocolate has been produced in Estonia since the 18th century. In the old days, before sugar was easy to come by, Estonians turned to honey for a sweet pick-me up after a long day of work. Tallinn's Old Town Pharmacy started selling marzipan as a medicine in the middle ages, claiming to be the original inventor of the sweet. Estonian marzipan traveled far, becoming a favourite of the Russian emperor's court in St. Petersburg in the 19th century. Visitors can get a taste of the original marzipan recipe at the Maiasmokk Cafe in Old Town Tallinn, the longest continually operating cafe in Estonia.

Classic charm

Maiasmokk Cafe opened at it's location on Tallinn's Pikk street in 1864, making it Estonia's oldest continually operating cafe.

Photo by: Lauri Laan

The king of chocolate

Founded in 1806, Kalev is the king of Estonian chocolate. It is the country's largest confections producer and a household name. You can visit one of their shops in Tallinn, Tartu, Kuressaare and Pärnu to see their full line of sweets. At the Tallinn showroom you can even enrol in a chocolate and marzipan making workshop. Another smaller Estonian chocolate crafter, Chocolala has earned international acclaim as one of the world's top chocolate shops for using unexpected regional ingredients like buckthorn, birch juice, spruce tip and cup lichen. Come visit Chocolala in Tallinn and take a workshop to see what all the fuss is about!

A perfect souvenir and gift 

You can find locally crafted Estonian chocolate in small shops and larger supermarkets. 

Photo by: Marek Metslaid

Where to get your chocolate fix

Talking about chocolate is fine and well, but what you really need to do is taste it. There are many cafes catering to those with a sweet tooth. In Tallinn, check out Anneli Viik Cafe, and the oldest cafe in Estonia - Maiasmokk. In Tartu, look no further than Pierre Cafe and Werner Cafe, both cosy and romantic locales for spending hours with friends over treats. Müüriääre Cafe in Haapsalu will also delight your taste buds.

If you're feeling more hands-on, learn how to make marzipan or gingerbread in a workshop!   

Last updated : 02.03.2022

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