TOP free campsites

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TOP free campsites

If your idea of a perfect holiday includes hiking through national parks, exploring nature reserves and sleeping under the stars, then Estonia is definitely a destination for you. The landscapes are welcoming, even for beginners and families, with a moderate climate and lack of poisonous animals. There are some impressive hiking trails to check out, the longest of which is 820 km, and stretches across the whole country. Along the way are campsites, some with wooden cabins free to use for resting your feet, making lunch or spending the night.

Lahemaa National Park and RMK Oandu Nature Centre

Lääne-Viru maakond, Oandu küla

Lahemaa National Park was founded in 1971 and was designed to preserve, research, and introduce the nature, cultural heritage, biodiversity, landscapes, national culture, and nature conservation of Northern Estonia. Lahemaa is one of Europe's most important forest protection areas. The Oandu Nature Centre introduces the nature of Lahemaa National Park, as well as the opportunities it offers for exploring nature, as well as the use and cultivation of forests and timber throughout the ages. From the courtyard of the nature centre, you can reach the Oandu nature trail and the Võsu-Oandu hiking trail. You can also use the connecting trails to reach Koprarada (Beaver Trail) and the Altja study trail.

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Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa recreation area and Nature Centre / Information point

Harju maakond, Aegviidu alev

The old folk saying about this lovely area, known locally as the ‘Estonian Switzerland’ states that the devil wrinkled up the ground in Kõrvemaa. The landscape is characterised by its ‘mountains’, swamps, swamp lakes, and forests. The ‘mountains’ are actually steep eskers formed by melting permafrost. The largest bogs are Koitjärve, Kõnnu Suursoo, Võhma, and Kakerdaja. There are about a hundred lakes, bogs, and ponds. Come for a hike, ride a bicycle, ski, or walk. The camping areas and campfire sites are perfect for nature photographers, bird and animal watchers, and berry and mushroom pickers. The Visitor Centre shares information about holiday options and hiking trails; you can also visit exhibitions, watch nature films, and participate in study programmes.

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Hiking trail in the Meenikunno bog

Põlva maakond, Nohipalo küla

Cabins for hikers, an observation tower and a boardwalk attract many nature lovers to the Meenikunno bog. It is a beautiful recreation area. While walking down the boardwalk, you can see the most common bog plants: leather leaf, bog rosemary, crowberry, Marsh Labrador tea, and tussock cottongrass; at the edge of the bog, dwarf birches can also be found. There are also a number of different species of peat moss of various colours. The bravest hikers can try drinking bog water (it has an interesting taste!) from the overgrown ditch near the edge of the bog. Good to know: A new boardwalk has been constructed for the Meenikunno hiking trail extending from Päikeseloojangu forest cabin to Lake Suur Soojärv. The boardwalk is pram and wheelchair accessible.

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Peipsiveere Nature Reserve

Tartu maakond, Kavastu küla

Protected since 1981, the main assets of Peipsiveere, formerly known as Emajõe-Suursoo Nature Reserve, are its diverse wet habitats and the large bog in the delta of a river. The bog covers approximately 25,000 ha, 7,000 ha of which gets flooded. The site is one of the Natura 2000 Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas, and it is the fifth largest Estonian bog and the largest bog in the delta of a river in Estonia. On the 3 km long Emajõgi River study trail with a boardwalk, starting from the Kantsi tavern building, camping and campfires are allowed only in the designated and marked places. The area is ideal for birdwatching and fishing.

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Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve and Ilmatsalu fish ponds

Tartu maakond, Ilmatsalu küla

Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve, established in 1994, is one of Estonia's largest protected areas. It is also one of the Natura 2000 protected areas. The lowland is unique thanks to its biodiversity, mire communities, and rivers which provide protection to protected birds and their habitats. You can access the area from next to the Ilmatsalu fish ponds, where the 'Linnutee' hiking trail of Ilmatsalu-Kärevere also starts. There is a bird observation tower, a classroom, a campfire site, and picnic grounds. The hiking trail and the surrounding area of the fish ponds are one of the most important stopping places for migrating waterfowl. Up to 200 bird species can be seen there, many of whom are endangered.

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Neljateeristi nature trail

Hiiu maakond, Mägipe küla

Neljateeristi nature trail runs along the northern coast of Kõpu Peninsula. It is possible to examine the communities characteristic to Kõpu there. Möirasoo is a little coastal spring fen, where it is possible to see the yew tree that is under protection. Mägipe boulder and Süllasoo Jaanikivi stone on the beach date back to the Ice Age. There is a unique fishing hut on the beach. It takes approximately 1 hour to complete the trail and in dry season, it can be completed without wellies. The trail has been equipped with signposts and information boards. Near the trail, you will find the Kalurikoda forest hut, which has a fireplace, benches, and a table. There is a camping area and a campfire site next to the hut.

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RMK Lake Rae Hiking Trail and Camping Site

Pärnu maakond, Laiksaare küla

Lake Rae Hiking Trail and Camping Site is a calm and peaceful resting place in the middle of forests. In addition to swimming and fishing, you can admire the varied landscapes and walk the 1.7 km hiking trail that runs along the shore of Lake Rae where one can see signs of activity from kingfishers and beavers. There is a fish ladder built in 2003 near the rest area, which allows the fish to swim from the Ura River to Lake Rae. There are also three bonfire places, firewood in a shed, a village swing, toilets, and bins in the camping site. Take note! The viewing platform at the end of the hiking trail is damaged and currently closed off.

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