Travelling with a camper van

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Travelling with a camper van

Caravan camping has a romantic feel to it. There are no restrictions – just take your home and drive to wherever you desire. This is especially romantic during light-filled Estonian summer nights!

In Estonia, you can take your camper van or caravan right into nature. You can stop at scenic places in the woods or at the seaside. You can find a seaside campsite or cottage with all the amenities that a camper van traveller might need as close as a few kilometres from the medieval old town of Tallinn.

Camping at Nõva Beach in Peraküla

Photo: Sven Zacek / Visit Estonia

The best time for caravan travels in Estonia summer. The days are long, so it is safer to drive and you'll have more time to take in the gorgeous nature views, and to go camping. As Estonia has low population density, i.e. we only have 30 inhabitants per square kilometre, it easy to find privacy in Estonian nature.

There are plenty of campsites that are suitable to folks travelling in caravans and camper vans in Estonia; the highest number of such campsites can be found in Western and Northern Estonia, and on our largest island Saaremaa, but be sure to visit Southern Estonia as well! Most campsites are open from May to October.

Cooking in nature is a real delight!

Photo: Mariann Liimal / Visit Estonia

When driving in Estonia, keep in mind that:

  • Estonia has right-hand traffic and an extensive system of roads, the quality of which varies;
  • the speed limit on roads outside of towns is 90 km/h and 50 km/h in settlements, unless otherwise specified;
  • the driver and all passengers have to wear seat belts;
  • the headlights of your car have to be turned on at all times;
  • the driver has to be completely sober – Estonia practices zero tolerance policy towards drivers who have consumed alcohol.

See all the camping places and caravans in Estonia.

Enjoy driving in Estonia!

More information: Estonian Camping Association

Last updated : 22.04.2021

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