Things to do during Black Nights in Estonia

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Things to do during Black Nights in Estonia

Every year in November Tallinn transforms into a magical Christmas wonderland with beautiful lights with a gorgeous Christmas Market at the centre of the UNESCO heritage Old Town. This is also the time when the most influential film festival in Northern Europe takes place, the Black Nights Film Festival. A member of the A-category film festivals, Black Nights (also known as PÖFF) is a celebration of world cinema as well as a vibrant meeting point for the world’s film industry. This article covers some of the best things to see and do in Tallinn and Tartu while enjoying the festival.

Seasonal cuisine

It's time for some tasty and healthy vegetables this season. The summer harvest is over and now it's time to enjoy preserves of pumpkin, mushrooms and other vegetables. Pop into some of the top restaurants in Tallinn and Tartu to experience the inventiveness of local chefs.


Did you know Estonia still has standing landmarks from every era of its history? This makes Tallinn's Old Town an absolute gem for history and architecture enthusiasts. Below are some of the most interesting sightseeing spots in Tallinn and Tartu when you're not checking out the film line-u


Looking for top-quality Nordic design that doesn't break your budget? Estonia has you covered once again. Here you can find minimalist jewelry, clothes, and interior design products, as well as colourful mittens and hats often made with traditional patterns.


When finished taking in the crisp November air, it's time to pamper and relax your joints and muscles. Here are some of the more popular spas to visit, from local sauna experience to indulgent spa pools and treatments.

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