Best berry and mushroom picking spots in Estonia

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Best berry and mushroom picking spots in Estonia

There's nothing more satisfying (and delicious for that matter), than picking your own produce. Estonia today is still mostly covered in forest, hence you'll definitely find many local tips for best berry picking and mushrooming spots. Before you head out, here's a list suggestions on what to look for.

Most popular berries to pick in the summer include bilberry (Nordic wild blueberry), cranberry, cowberry, wild strawberry, wild raspberry and cloudberry. Chanterelles are inarguably the most sought after mushrooms and have a very distinctive appearance. These yellow mushrooms go great with a creamy mushroom sauce enjoyed with pasta, potatoes and grains. You are most likely to find chanterelles in South Estonia and Saaremaa island. Other local favourites include milk mushroom, boletus and russula. Although Estonian forests are generally safe and peaceful, going into the forest alone can feel daunting. Thankfully there are a number of mushroom picking tours where you can spot and pick your dinner with an expert guide.

  • North Estonia

Around 60 species of mushroom are found at Oandu nature trail

Lake Paukjärv Nature Trail  is best know for bilberries, cowberries and chanterelles.

  • South Estonia

The first world cranberry picking championship was held at Emajõe Suursoo Nature Reserve, so this is the ideal destination for any cranberry fans out there. 
Järvselja Primeval Forest Nature Study Trail i is great for nutrient-rich bilberries.

You might also want to pay a visit to the scenic Vapramäe-Vellavere-Vitipalu hiking trail.

  • Islands

Estonia's largest island Saaremaa is especially well known for its prime mushroom and berry destinations.

Guided tours

Estonian State Forest Management Centre has compiled a useful list of best mushroom and berry picking spots nearby camping areas across the country.

Words of caution

  • The kit

If you do decide to venture out into the wild without a local guide, make sure you bring a raincoat, waterproof shoes, along with a fully charged phone with a compass app, and a power bank for backup. Using an insect repellent effective against both mosquitos and ticks is highly recommended during the summer season between May and October. To avoid getting bitten, cover up ankles and any other areas in contact with long grass.

  • What to pick...and not to pick

While Estonian forests are abundant with edible and delicious mushrooms, looks can be deceiving. Unless you are experienced in mushrooming, make sure to do your homework on picking and preparing different types of mushrooms...or simply stick with berries.

  • Areas to avoid

Estonian Defence Forces' training grounds are marked with striped sign posts featuring arrows pointing towards the restricted area.

  • In the unlikely event of getting lost, please phone 112 for assistance.
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