Special delicacies to try in Estonia

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Special delicacies to try in Estonia

You can eat well anywhere in Estonia. Estonian chefs are ambitious and innovative, and many are also very creative and daring. Here's where you can find the latest, most popular taste sensations in Estonia.

Estonian gourmet chefs love to combine flavours – such as chocolate with fish. 

The restaurants listed here all offer something special – either it's the ingredients or the presentation. What all restaurants have in common is that they feel committed to the first rule of Estonian cuisine tradition: fresh and local ingredients are processed in the highest quality.


The capital of Estonia is teeming with restaurants. Everyone really finds something here that suits their taste. With regard to the experimental kitchen, the following gastronomic establishments are particularly recommended.

Olde Hansa restaurant

Photo by: Olde Hansa, Visit Estonia


Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia, has caught up in recent years with its exquisite restaurants. Tartu is Estonia's cultural capital and will be the official European Capital of Culture in 2024. Considered the spiritual center of the country, Tartu has one of the oldest universities in Northern Europe and a long student tradition. Nevertheless, here you will find not only wonderful student pubs and hip cafes and bars but also excellent food.

Try blueberry pancakes with bacon and honey in the cozy Café Krempel. Or maybe something with sponge in the artful and tasteful restaurant Fii.

Island cuisine

Anyone who has already visited one of the Estonian islands knows that everything is a bit more relaxed here than on the mainland - and that's where life is wonderfully relaxed.

The Restaurant Alexander on the beautiful estate of Pädaste on Muhu island likes to utilise all sorts of adventurous tastes from the plant kingdom. For example Moss in different common variations.

Restaurant in GoSPA in Saaremaa island

Photo by: Georg Ots SPA, Visit Estonia

The in-house restaurant of the Georg Ots SPA Hotel (GoSPA) on the island of Saaremaa is known for its delicious Estonian cuisine and its lovingly and artfully prepared plates.

Kala ja Võrk (fish and net), located on the island of Hiiumaa, is great for real fish freaks. Connected to the shop is a small restaurant. Here is where you can try the famous fish chocolate!

Coastal gems

Restaurant Wicca is located in the beautiful and idyllic bay of Laulasmaa. Here you should try the daily updated variations of the Baltic herring. The plates here are also real artistic highlights. 

Restaurant Ruhe is located right by the sea and is considered one of the best seafood restaurants in the city.

Restaurant Wicca

Photo by: Wicca, Visit Estonia

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