Traffic jam the #EstonianWay

with freelance travel writer

Phoebe Smith

Traffic jam the #EstonianWay

  • Traffic jam the #EstonianWay   Source: Alari Teede, Visit Estonia

Source: Alari Teede, Visit Estonia

Even in Estonia’s largest city, Tallinn, traffic jams of global proportions don’t exist. One type of congestion you might run into, though, is on the trails of a nature reserve on a gorgeous, sunny day. In Kõnnu Suursoo bog, travel writer Phoebe Smith finds out how to handle traffic jams the #EstonianWay by going off-trail bog walking.

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Kõnnu Swamp

"Walking through the bogs, foraging for berries and eating them as we go has shown that there is so much more to Estonia beyond the city walls of the Old Town in Tallinn."

Phoebe Smith

Freelance travel writer

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