Street fashion the #EstonianWay

with social media influencer

Mustafa Kacar

Street fashion the #EstonianWay

  • Street fashion the #EstonianWay   Source: Alari Teede, Visit Estonia

Source: Alari Teede, Visit Estonia

Source: Alari Teede, Visit Estonia

Estonia is home to a lively and diverse design scene. The colourful fashions of London-based Estonian designer Roberta Einer have been worn by celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga. At the historical Kau Manor, Roberta showed Mustafa how to embroider his own pair of sneakers inspired by her signature style. Mustafa’s custom footwear featured blue, black and white – the colours of the Estonian flag, serving as a souvenir of his visit. What else will he remember Estonia for? Doing a photoshoot on a medieval rooftop, and bread. In all his travels, Mustafa said Estonia has “the best bread I’ve ever seen”.

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Day one

After arriving to Tallinn, a healthy three-course lunch was served at Ööbiku Gastronomy Farm, including dandelion greens foraged from a nearby meadow.

Ööbiku Gastronomy Farm Restaurant

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Day two

Stand-up paddleboard yoga started the day, followed by lunch at one of Tallinn’s best restaurants, NOA. Fashion designer Roberta Einer then gave a DIY shoe workshop at Kau Manor. Mustafa got to model his custom footwear in a rooftop photoshoot in Tallinn’s Old Town.

Restaurant NOA

Kau Manor

Day three

On the final day, in partnership with the Finnair Blogger Drop campaign, lunch was served at Leib Resto & Aed in their spacious Old Town courtyard. After checking in to the award-winning Savoy Boutique Hotel, the evening continued at the nearby Parrot MiniBar, a whimsical speakeasy.

Restaurant Leib

Savoy Boutique Hotel

Tallinn Old Town

About Mustafa Kacar

Mustafa Kacar is a social media influencer and the founder of Astute Attire, a lifestyle blog for men. Born and raised in New York City, Mustafa has visited more than 50 countries and writes about eclectic topics like style, grooming, food, culture and more along the way. During his trip to Estonia, Mustafa met up with a local fashion expert to learn how to do street design the #EstonianWay.

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