Canoeing the #EstonianWay

  • Canoeing the #EstonianWay with Ashwin Bhardwaj   Photo: Ashwin Bhardwaj, Visit Estonia

Photo: Ashwin Bhardwaj, Visit Estonia

Journalist Ashwin Bhardwaj found himself in the right place at the right time not once, but twice during his visit. The first time was in Soomaa National Park during the ‘fifth season’, when it was possible to explore the flooded area via canoe, the #EstonianWay. The second time was in Setomaa, where he could partake in unique Easter traditions like a local. .

Day one

During the ‘fifth season’, you can go canoeing in Soomaa National Park when the river Halliste overflows its banks and floods the surrounding meadows and forests.

Narva Castle

Narva Museum

Sillamäe (town)

Extreme safari in the former industrial areas of Aidu

Avinurme Woodworking Centre

Piusa Ürgorg (Primeval Valley) Holiday Complex

Day two

Ashwin visited the village Obinitsa in the Setomaa region to experience Easter traditions including egg dying and ‘battling’. He also went hiking and swimming in the pristine Viru Bog.

Estonian National Museum

KGB Cages Museum

Printing and Paper Museum

Aparaaditehas Creative City

Hotel Viru and KGB Museum

Restaurant Tuljak

Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria

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How to celebrate easter the #EstonianWay with Ashwin Bhardwaj

About Ashwin Bhardwaj

Ashwin Bhardwaj is a travel writer and filmmaker at The Telegraph. In his new travel podcast Edgelands, he undertook a 5,000-mile overland journey along Russia’s western border, including a stop in Estonia, to explore the line between East and West.