Romance the #EstonianWay

with reality TV star

Erik Nilsson

Romance the #EstonianWay

  •   Source: Priidu Saart, Visit Estonia

Source: Priidu Saart, Visit Estonia

Looking to woo your partner with a romantic getaway they’ll never forget? In Estonia, you can leave the world behind and be together, just the two of you, surrounded by untouched nature. Erik Nilsson, participant on the Swedish reality Bonde söker fru (Farmer Wants a Wife), came to experience romance the #EstonianWay on a magnificent, naturally heart-shaped lake.

Day one

Altmõisa Café

Ridala stables

Cafe-Restaurant Hapsal Dietrich

Altmõisa Guesthouse

Day two

Pärnu Yacht Club Restaurant

Hedon Spa & Hotel

Valgeranna Adventure Park

Day three

Restaurant Resto Akord

Lake Parika Väikejärv

Hedon Spa

Restaurant Kuursaal

About Erik

Twenty-six-year-old chicken farmer Erik Nilsson learned a thing or two about love during his appearance on the Swedish reality TV show Bonde söker fru (Farmer Wants a Wife).