Luxurious manor holiday in Estonia

Source: Aron Urb / Visit Estonia

Luxurious manor holiday in Estonia

Estonia’s history of German and Swedish rule has left the country with more than 1000 castles and manors dating back as far as the 13th century. The heyday of manors was in the 18th century. Baltic German nobility played an important role in the Russian Empire and got many privileges to the land and farmers. While many of these manor houses were burnt down or abandoned during the Russian Revolution, a number of these architectural gems have been renovated and converted to luxury hotels. Here is a list of manor houses where you can sleep, eat and bathe like an aristocrat.

Best for wining & dining

These manor houses are worth a drive out into the wild just to sample the local delicacies.

Sweetest dreams

Stunning interior and luxurious bedrooms make these manors worth your night's rest.

Spa day galore

While most manor hotels come with spas, these 4 are worth checking out for local spa treatments.

Last updated : 24.11.2019