New museums and attractions

Source: Mariann Liimal, Visit Estonia

New museums and attractions

You thought you've seen it all? Guess again! Here are the newest attractions opening in Estonia this year. With just 1.3 million habitants, Estonia is a home to a whopping 250 museums storing historical gems and fun modern attractions. Let's take a closer look at new places to visit in the near future.

T1 Mall

T1 Mall of Tallinn is the newest shopping centre in Tallinn where shopping meets entertainment. People can come here by tram, bus, train, or even by plane. There is a 36-metre-high atrium, windows that are almost 6 metres high, gigantic glass domes, and a Ferris wheel on the roof of the building, which presents a new horizon for Tallinn.  

Aparaaditehas Creative City

Tartu, an old town with a young vibe, is always up to something fun. In recent times, this young, innovative energy has found a home in the former factory of Aparaaditehas. The Street Market of Aparaaditehas Creative City combines recycling, designers, street food and an entertainment program. Here you'll  find arts and crafts by local designers that are smart, recyclable, and promote an environmentally-friendly way of life.

Alutaguse National Park

Spanning across 43,000 hectares in Northeastern Estonia, Alutaguse National Park is officially the newest national park in Estonia.

The Alutaguse region is the biggest area of coniferous forests and swamps in Estonia. Here you'll find Estonia's longest sand beach, the unique Smolnitsa sand dune, the Narva River and a lake region of Kurtna.

New spas: Wasa and Wagenküll

Two new spas have opened their doors in southern Estonia. Castle Spa Wagenküll welcomes visitors in need of relaxation with a cosy, elegant, and luxurious atmosphere of Castle Spa Wagenküll. The castle spa has a refreshing cold-water oasis, a pool with water massage, a Japanese bath, a steam and aroma sauna, a salt-steam sauna, a smoke sauna, a Finnish sauna, and an amber sauna.

Wasa Medical Spa & Hotel  has extensive experience in sanatorium style treatment. Originally in business since 1938, Wasa today is a modern and cosy hotel located in the beach district of Pärnu, amid gorgeous parks and tree-lined avenues.

Haapsalu Castle opens later in the year

Founded in the 13th century, the renovated castle intends to give visitors an idea of ​​how the Middle Ages formed in Estonia. An important part of the exposition is the fortress itself and how the appearance of the Episcopal Castle of Haapsalu has actually evolved over different periods of time.

University of Tartu Museum Treasury

Tartu University was established in 1632, so you can imagine the plethora of history living between its walls. The University Treasury is an exciting and mysterious room in the museum, where you will find the treasures of alma mater which tell stories about its past pupils, learning and scientific achievements. 

Arvo Pärt Centre

Indisputably the most well known modern classical music composer, Arvo Pärt's music has been featured in numerous films, including in the Oscar-winning There Will Be Blood. Arvo Pärt center is the perfect place to follow his creative journey. The architecture of the centre combines the nature of Laulasmaa, a coastal area near Estonia's capital city Tallinn. The center invites the guests to participate in exhibitions, movies, tours and talks.

Last updated : 11.04.2019