Tallinn named best city for remote workers in 2021

Source: Renee Altrov

Tallinn named best city for remote workers in 2021

If you read this, there is a good chance that you have heard that Tallinn ranked as #1 in the list of best places for working remotely and you are open to an idea of trying it out. You're just not quite sure yet? We try to charm you in a bit, but first let's get the facts straight and answer some questions you probably have in mind:

  • Is it safe? 
    Crime rate in Tallinn is either low or very low on every crime & safety report and if you ask around for example in a Facebook group of foreigners who live in Estonia they mostly confirm that they feel very safe living here. 
  • What is the cost of housing and living?
    The median rent for an apartment in Tallinn is around €400-€600, but it's often more expensive in the centre and old town.
    You pay an average of €6 for a movie ticket and can find good lunch offers for €7. Monthly ticket for public transport will cost you €30.
  • How polluted is Tallinn?
    According to the World Health Organisation, Estonia is among the countries with the cleanest air. Tallinn is a compact seaside city and compared to most of the capitals in Europe, it definitely feels clean and green.
  • Do I need a visa to come there?
    Nationals of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and any third-country national holding a residence permit of a Schengen State do not need a visa to enter Estonia. You can find more information about it on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of course, if you plan to stay for a long time or are not from the EU or EEA, you can always apply to be an e-resident or check out the Digital Nomad Visa

Big 7 Travel ranked Tallinn as number one in its list of the top 50 best places for remote working: "The capital city is oozing with charm and surprise that will have you living in a real-life Baltic fairytale. More importantly, though, the digital economy here is booming. In fact, 99% of public services available online 24/7, so you'll never have an issue with internet access. Additionally, the cost of living is relatively low."

If you want to find out more about the quality of life in Tallinn and perhaps compare it to some other city you have in mind, you can do it right here. Now let's take a closer look at why Estonia is the best destination for working remotely.

Tallinn is gorgeous, compact and buzzing with life

If you have heard anything of Estonia, it's most likely how beautiful Tallinn's old town is. The good news is, it's every bit as charming in real life as it is in pictures. But Tallinn is not only the best preserved medieval old town in Northern Europe: it's growing cooler year by year. Its wooden neighbourhood Kalamaja is often listed as one of the hippest in the world. The city has also recently seen a rise in trendy modern districts that combine old factory charm with contemporary architecture. Tallinn is also the most cultural city in Northern Europe based on the total number of cultural landmarks per capita. Little known facts: did you know that Tallinn has several sandy beaches and the flag of Denmark was born here? 

Scandinavia, the Baltics and St Petersburg are just a stone's throw away

Estonia is somewhere in...Eastern Europe? Northern? No one really knows. The truth is that Tallinn is on the same northern latitude (59°N) as Oslo, Stockholm and St Petersburg. Making Tallinn your home port gives you a chance to discover the whole region within no time. The three Baltic sisters (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) are all relatively small and easy to enjoy over a roadtrip. The Finnish capital Helsinki is just a 2.5h ferry ride from Tallinn and Stockholm is an overnight cruise away. St Petersburg is a 5h ride away, so you can easily take a bus there.

Never run out of ideas for cool wilderness getaways

Once you get out of Tallinn you will see... well, pretty much no one. Half of the country is covered in forests. There are six national parks that are open to everyone 24/7, freedom to roam (pick as many berries and mushrooms as you like wherever you like), endless coastline and 2222 islands. Whatever season you choose to spend here, you'll find something amazing. Experience white nights in summer, drive on Europe's longest ice road and visit one of the world's prettiest Christmas markets in winter. Canoe on flooded meadows and forests during spring floods and don't miss a chance to witness a sunrise over the endless mire landscapes.

The can-do spirit here is contagious

You've probably heard of the tiny former-USSR nation that transformed into an internet titan with the most digital society in the world. While you may not experience much of it as a tourist, if you stay in Estonia longer, you'll realise what all the fuss is about. While your original plan might be to come here and work remotely, you could end up becoming an e-resident and opening your own company, which you can establish in just minutes and manage online from anywhere in the world. It might sound far-fetched but you'll quickly learn that almost every Estonian has founded their own startup and their enthusiasm will surely be contagious. Discover what's in the air of a country with more unicorns per capita than any other

You'll spoil your taste buds without breaking the bank

Even if you're someone who eats food for fuel only, in Estonia you'll understand why gastronomy is a universe of its own. The new generation of local chefs loves to mix local, simple and organic produce with the latest global food trends and the end result leaves no one cold. The best thing about it? First class restaurant food here is affordable. You can dine out in a White Guide listed restaurant at least a few times a month, if not every week and find out just how addictive it is to discover new and fresh pearls every now and then.

Destinations outside of Tallinn may easily win your heart

Estonia is bigger than its capital Tallinn, so it's worth checking out what else this country has to offer. The university city of Tartu that is home to one of Northern Europe's oldest universities, will be European capital of culture in 2024 and is also known as green and sustainable travel destination. The summer capital Pärnu with its white sandy beach and more relaxed lifestyle is also an excellent destination to go for. It's also hard not to fall for the seaside city of Haapsalu or the hilly and bohemian Viljandi in South-Estonia. Another cool thing about South-Eastern part of Estonia that is known for it's natural beauty is that they even have their own remote work network Kupland where you can surf around to find a perfect fit for your time there. And last, but no least - a getaway on one of Estonia's islands is a safe bet for a romantic soul.