Autumn break on the island of Saaremaa

with landscape photographer & Instagrammer

Johannes Hulsch

Autumn break on the island of Saaremaa

Source: Priidu Saart, Visit Estonia

German photographer Johannes Hulsch aka @bokehm0n came on a photo shooting trip to the second largest island in the Baltic Sea, Saaremaa, and to do a sunset photoshoot at Estonia's most famous leaning tower: Kiipsaare lighthouse. When constructed in 1933, it was only 100 metres from the shore, but is now located further out to sea due to changes in the rugged coastline. Storms and waves have also caused the 26-metre lighthouse to tilt, earning it the nickname 'Saaremaa's Tower of Pisa'.

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Day one

On the drive to Virtsu harbour, stop at 13th century Koluvere Castle for a photoshoot. Then take the ferry to Muhu island and drive across Väinatamm causeway to Saaremaa. On the way to the island’s capital, swing by Angla windmills for further photos. Have dinner in Kuressaare, a town known for its many spas, and check in at Hotel Saaremaa, tucked away in a pine forest along the coast.

Virtsu Harbour

Angla Windmill Mount

Georg Ots Spa Hotel Restaurant

Hotel Saaremaa

Day two

Wake up early and spend sunrise at Sõrve lighthouse and the tip of Sõrve cape. Return to Kuressaare for late breakfast or lunch and to visit the Kuressaare Episcopal Castle. Afterward, drive to the mysterious Kaali meteorite crater field and stop for photos at Kaarma Church of Saints Peter and Paul. Make a worthwhile detour to Panga limestone cliff on the way to Vilsandi National Park to see Kiipsaare lighthouse at sunset.

Tip of Sõrve Cape

Sõrve Lighthouse

Café Mosaiik

Kuressaare Episcopal Castle

Kaali field of meteorite craters

Panga cliff

Harilaiu hiking trails

Kiipsaare lighthouse

Restaurant Saaremaa Veski

Day three

Drive to Papissaare harbour to take a boat to Vilsandi island and lighthouse. Have lunch at Kusti Tourist Farm before visiting Kaavi lighthouse and hunting lodge. Return to Kuressaare for a hearty dinner and spend your last night on Saaremaa.

Kuressaare Episcopal Castle

Vilsandi hiking trails

Kaavi Hunting Lodge

Ristorante La Perla

Day four

Enjoy the morning at Koigi bog in eastern Saaremaa before taking a ferry from Kuivastu harbour back to the mainland. After driving the 140 kilometres to Tallinn, do a bit of urban sightseeing in the Old Town, and wind down with a cup of tea or coffee at historical Café Maiasmokk, which has been operating in the same location since 1864.

Koigi bog

Tallinn Old Town

Patkuli viewing platform

Kohtuotsa viewing platform

Tallinn's city wall

Café Maiasmokk

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About Johannes Hulsch

Johannes Hulsch is a landscape and travel photographer based in Leipzig, Germany. His Instagram, @bokehm0n, is full of atmospheric landscapes from Iceland to Dubai that will inspire anyone to start packing their bags.

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