Sneak peek inside Kreenholm Textile Factory

Source: Aron Urb, Visit Estonia

Sneak peek inside Kreenholm Textile Factory

Blogger Alina Andrusaite takes a guided tour to Kreenholm Textile Factory  in Narva. Once upon a time, this large industrial complex used to be the largest textile factory in Europe. The journey takes her through the rise of the industrial revolution in Europe all the way to the modern Kreenholm, ready to be transported into the 21st century with major upcoming repurposing works. 

Located in the very middle of the border between Russia and Estonia, it is a site to visit due to many reasons. Not just some of the most beautiful Estonian waterfalls are here (especially beautiful in spring when the Russian power plant up the stream opens the floodgate), but it is a place where you can see and hear people talking right next to you, but in a different country, as across the river is the city of Ivangorod. There is even pedestrian border crossing right next to Kreenholm!

"You can see the architect took his time" - Alina Andrusaite

"Kreenholm Factory, Narva"  by Tony Bowden, used by CC BY-SA 2.0

Originally built in 1856, Kreenholm was considered at the time to be the most modern plant in the Russian Empire, with the brand name becoming synonymous with quality. Its 11,000 workers made Narva an industrial hub, supporting its urban development. Kreenholm Textile factory was closed in 2010 and welcomes visitors to explore this grand industrious gem of the northeastern Estonia.

On Sundays at 12:00, at the old gate (opposite Joala street 30/32) guides wait for tourists to come. Tickets are sold on the spot and cost 13 euros per person, cash only. There are guides that do tours in Russian and Estonian (English tours are organized on demand by Narva Castle Museum).

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Last updated : 22.04.2021

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