Need a change? See how this Nordic Country could help

Source: Jaan Roose

Need a change? See how this Nordic Country could help

Life in lockdown is... complicated? And travelling is no different. However, that's about to change.

Now that you're not tied to your office anymore, why not consider Estonia for a revitalising Nordic getaway or even work remotely from Tallinn and discover all the country has to offer.

Old Town in Tallinn

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If you're looking for a little work/life balance, set your laptop aside for a day and explore your surroundings to the fullest.

Stay in Tallinn and embark on a magical medieval experience in Old Town. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is packed to capacity with vibrant shops, meandering cobblestoned streets, delicious food, and ancient architecture.

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Or, head out of the city and discover exciting places, Estonia's 2222 islands and a host of awesome nature reserves. From the rustic beauty of Saaremaa, and the rolling coastlines of Pärnu, to the ancient fortresses of Viljandi and the natural wonders of Soomaa National Park.

Getting around is easy and neighbouring countries like Latvia or Finland are just a few hours away. Count on seamless public transport to send you on your quest for adventure, whether by ferry, tram or train.

And, when it comes time to work...

Working and residing in Estonia is a possibility for all!

Estonia continues to rank as a top destination for young professionals, budding entrepreneurs and travelers from all corners of the globe.

A tech hub with a dynamic digital footprint: Tallinn, Estonia's capital, has plenty of cutting-edge co-working spaces, near endless networking events and has declared internet connectivity to be a human right. With many unicorn startups based in Tallinn, exchanging ideas with top tech professionals is a regular occurrence.

With the booming startup ecosystem in Tallinn, you might even end up founding your own company which is conveniently super simple and quick to do as a foreigner in Estonia. Plus, once you're set up, e-Residency makes it easier than ever to bank online, file taxes, book appointments and more!

Fun fact: Barack Obama & Angela Merkel both have Estonian e-Residency!

Why Not Stay Longer

As of August 2020, remote workers from all over the globe can reside in Estonia for up to a year and work for their respective companies back home.

Known as the Digital Nomad Visa, this gateway to Europe gives adventurers a chance to realize their wanderlust and discover the best of Estonia and surrounds whilst working in their own time.

And, to keep international travel alive and well, in spite of the ongoing restrictions, the Estonian Digital Vaccine Passport will enable certificate holders to travel within the EU as well as to participating countries with reduced restrictions.

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Last updated : 13.05.2021