Nature destinations off the beaten track


Nature destinations off the beaten track

Estonia with its roughly 50% forest, over 2000 islands and islets, makes for a great hiking destination. Every season offers its own perks - autumn hiking is great for catching a glimpse of the changing colours of the nature as it prepares to settle in for the winter. Here are some of the top destinations for a wilderness adventure in Estonia.

Estonian seaside

Boulders in Estonia

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Vilsandi is a remote island 2 kilometres off Saaremaa in the west of Estonia. This island and nature reserve has a number of hiking trails going through juniper forests, across beautiful shorelines and past a lighthouse. As the water level between Saaremaa and Vilsandi is rather low, a number of people have actually hiked across the sea on foot. If you'd prefer to travel across the sea more or less dry then a kayaking trip might be a preferred option.

A popular coastal destination off the beaten track is Harilaid peninsula.

Hike along either side of the peninsula to the tip and follow back from the hiking trail. At the western side of the tip you will see a lighthouse in the sea. Just some time ago, it was on land and on the eastern side, but the peninsula's coastline is constantly changing, that's how it ended up on the other side in the sea. If you are lucky, you will spot seals in the sea.

Remote inner corners of Estonian nature

Bogs and swamps are the jewels of Estonian nature — one cannot quite say that they have experienced Estonia in full without a visit to these magical wetlands. Several wooden walking trails run cross these protected lands. In the winter you can rent snowshoes and follow an unbeatable path across the swamp.

Kõnnu Suursoo near Viru bog, Muraka swamp, Laeva and Meenikunno are more remote options for a swamp hike.

Camping and berry picking

Tall forests in Estonia

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A great way to experience the sleepy local villages and forests is to take a bicycle trip across Estonia.

You can easily take your bike on a train, then bicycle for a couple of days and get back from another stop. Some great options are to go from Orava to Viljandi or from Taevaskoda to Kiviõli by the Peipsi lake. Also the islands Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Muhu are nice places for a bicycle trip. You can sleep out in beautiful RMK camping sites or huts by the lakes or sea.

While the berry and mushroom picking season might be coming to an end by October, this activity alone is worth a trip over to Estonia. Local favourites include bilberry (Nordic wild blueberry), cranberry, cowberry, wild strawberry, wild raspberry and cloudberry. Chanterelles are inarguably the most sought after mushrooms and have a very distinctive appearance. Good mushrooming spots are kept as well guarded secrets by locals, however we have put together a short list of mushroom picking destinations here.

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